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First Patient Enrolled for Phase 1 Clinical Study of JAB-3312 in US

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The enrollment of patients to participate in a Phase 1 clinical study of JAB-3312 has officially begun, and the first patient signed informed consent on September 12th.

  The enrollment of patients to participate in a Phase 1 clinical study of JAB-3312 has officially begun, and the first patient signed informed consent on September 12th. Following the initiation of the first site at HealthONE Clinic Oncology Center(Denver, CO), the second site, Tennessee Oncology (Nashville, TN), will soon be initiated this month.

  The Phase 1 clinical study of JAB-3312 will enroll patients with solid tumors carrying mutations including but not limited to KRAS G12, BRAF Class3, or NF1 LoF, as well as those with RTK mutation, amplification or rearrangement. Tumor types of interest include non-small cell lung cancer, colorectal carcinoma, pancreatic cancer, oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. In addition to assessing the safety and tolerability of the drug in this Phase 1 clinical study, a dose expansion study will be conducted to evaluate the antitumor activity of JAB-3312.

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