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The Successfully Initiation of Phase I Clinical Trial of JAB-3312 - Jacobio’s Second Innovative Drug

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On Aug 26th, 2019, phase I clinical trial of JAB-3312, the second innovative anti-tumor drug independently developed by Jacobio, was initiated at the HealthONE Clinic Oncology Center in USA.

  On Aug 26th, 2019, phase I clinical trial of JAB-3312, the second innovative anti-tumor drug independently developed by Jacobio, was initiated at the HealthONE Clinic Oncology Center in USA. Investigators have expressed strong support for the study of this innovative target therapy, and are prepared topromptly screen for suitable solid tumor patients and start the enrollment according to the protocol. HealthONE Clinic Oncology Center is the first initiated investigation site for JAB-3312, since its IND approval by FDA on Jul 3rd, 2019. The study will be conducted in four sites in USA including MD Anderson Cancer Center and Washington University School of Medicine, etc.

  JAB-3312 is the second small-molecule anti-tumor drug independently designed and developed by Jacobio, who owns its intellectual property rights worldwide. Through inhibition of SHP2 protein phosphatase activity, the molecule can block PD1 signaling pathway of T cells as well as KRAS signaling pathway of tumor cells, thus having dual effects on tumor immunity and tumor targeting. JAB-3312 can be used for the treatment of solid tumors, including non-small-cell lung cancer, colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer. Meanwhile, it can also eliminate the tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment and enhance the efficacy of existing tumor immunotherapies. Under a global development strategy and arrangement, JAB-3312’s Phase I clinical trials will be conducted in China and USA respectively. Following the trial initiation in USA, the clinical trial in China is expected to start in Nov. 2019.