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Jacobio post doctoral research workstation was set up

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2017年12月,加科思凭借成熟、深厚的科研体系和人才优势,获得人力资源和社会保障部、全国博士后管委会共同颁发的博士后科研工作站北京加科思新药研发有限公司分站牌照。标志着“北京加科思新药研发有限公司博士后科研工作站”正式成立。  博士后工作站的建立,很大程度上促进我公司高层次科研人才队伍培养和建设,对于吸引高端技术人才和推动加科思原创新药研发能力的进一步提升有着重要意义和作用。  依托博士后科研工

  In December 2017, with its mature and profound scientific research system and talent advantage, he won the division license of the post doctoral research station of Beijing, which was jointly issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security and the national post doctoral Management Committee. Mark "Beijing Jiakesi drug development Co. Ltd. postdoctoral workstation" was formally established.

  The establishment of postdoctoral workstation, to a great extent, promotes the training and construction of high level scientific research personnel in our company. It is of great significance and function for the promotion of high - end technical personnel and the further improvement of the R & D ability of the original new medicine.

  Relying on postdoctoral research workstation, gal will formulate practical rules for post doctoral management; establish contact with institutions of higher learning and research institutes, establish joint recruitment units and post doctoral advisors; do a good job in the training and use of postdoctoral researchers. We have gradually developed an interdisciplinary, compound and strategic excellent young talent team to help Beijing build the National Innovation Center for science and technology.

  Postdoctoral research workstation refers to the organization of postdoctoral researchers who can recruit and train postdoctoral researchers in enterprises, research and production institutions and special regional institutions. The establishment of a post doctoral workstation requires the application of the proposed station unit, and the personnel department of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government or the relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council and the personnel departments of the directly affiliated institutions and the personnel department after the review and summary will be submitted to the personnel department. It is approved by the expert review committee and approved by the Ministry of personnel and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee. Post doctoral research workstation has set up a bridge for our high-tech talents and enterprises, and is a new way to combine production, learning and research, helping enterprises to innovate and develop.