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JAB-3068 Clinical Program Discussion Meeting Successfully Held

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  On the afternoon of December 5, 2017, in the Beijing Health Hotel C803 meeting room, Jia Kesi JAB-3068 China Phase 1 clinical research program was successfully held. Prof. Shi Yuankai of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, as the chairman of the conference, invited Professor Hu Wei from the Union Hospital and Fang Jian, a doctor from the Beijing Cancer Hospital, and other experts and scholars to preside over the meeting.

  Gacos first introduced the working mechanism of JAB-3068 project and the results of the previous research. The vice president of research and development, Dr. Zhou Wenlai and director of pharmacology Wang Yanping, gave lectures; clinical director Ding Yuli detailed the clinical study of JAB-3068 at the meeting. Dr. Hu Shaojing presided over the seminar on the design of clinical programs. All the experts and scholars had already seen each other and had enthusiastic discussions. They all expressed their strong support for the research and development of innovative drugs by Chinese companies. After the seminar on clinical programs, Dr. Wang Yinxiang summarized the significance of this meeting. This conference is an important milestone in the development of GAC's innovative drugs. GACEX will continue to uphold the strict scientific attitude and innovative spirit to prepare JAB-3068's late-stage clinical research work and contribute to the country's biomedical innovation field.