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First Patient Enrolled for Jacobio's Novel Drug JAB-8263

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  In November 2020, a phase I clinical trial for JAB-8263, the third new anti-tumor drug independently developed by Jacobio, was initiated in the United States, and the first patient was enrolled on November 23. Up to now, three study sites have been initiated and two of them are already enrolling patients.

  JAB-8263 is Jacobio's third oral small-molecule anti-tumor drug independently developed by the company with fully owned intellectual property rights, and its drug target is BET protein.BET proteins can promote the transcription of various disease-related genes, mainly by binding to the histone acetylation sites and recruiting related transcription factors. BET proteins have been related to the increased expression of some oncogenes (MYC, BCL-2) and profibrotic genes. JAB-8263 demonstrated strong inhibitory potency, strong antitumor activity and favorable safety profile in its pre-clinical studies. Jacobio will adopt the global development strategy and initiate the phase I clinical trial for indications of solid tumors, AML and myelofibrosis simultaneously in China and the United States.