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  Jacobio Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is committed to the health development of mankind and the innovation of new drugs with independent intellectual property rights worldwide. Our vision and mission are to be a leader in innovative medicine, who is focused on developing new drugs globally and providing more products and solutions to better people’s health.

  Jacobio is a clinical trial stage company invested by several prestigious venture capital firms, including Hillhouse , QiMing , Lilly Asia Ventures and BioEngine. Its senior management team are well experienced in the innovative drugs R&D management with proven track records in their previous leadership role to bring several influential new drugs into the market, as well as their senior manage role in pharma drug sales, marketing and company IPO .

  The company has more than 130 employees. More than 53% of the company's overall employees are with doctor and master degrees. Jacobio R&D pipeline include a number of innovative drug projects. The company R&D facilities include 6000 m2 lab space located in Beijing and 400 m2 in Boston. Jacobio is proud of its fully intergraded pharmaceutical R&D team including computer-aided design, medicinal chemistry, biology & pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, formulation, clinical trial team, intellectual property rights and regulatory affairs, as well as other departments related to innovative drug R&D. JAB-3068, the first innovative anti-tumor program with global rights independently completed all R&D activities in-house, has entered phase 2a clinical study in multiple solid tumors with the approval of NMPA and has also been granted orphan drug designation for the treatment of esophageal cancer by US FDA. JAB-3312, the company second anti-tumor program with global rights also independently completed all R&D activities in-house, has been initiated clinical trial with IND open after FDA’s approval for clinical study.