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  Jacobio is a compound word, Jacob is a character in Biblical stories; - bio is the root of biomedicine.


  Jacob in the Bible, which means "seize" in Hebrew, is the name of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham in Genesis. James knows how to seize the important things and opportunities in his life. Jacob later changed his name to "Israel" and was the ancestor of the Israelites.


  Our logo takes "jacobio" as the main body, and the letter "I" outlines a magic wand coiled with a spirit snake. It has a clear meaning. It regards the purpose of who - to make people all over the world obtain the highest level of health as possible - as its own responsibility, and develops more and better drugs to treat diseases and save people and serve the public.


  "Professional, elegant" is the corporate culture of gakos. New drug research and development is not only a commercial science, but also needs an elegant humanistic care ideal. We welcome all colleagues who participate in Entrepreneurship and work in gakos to jointly face the challenges of human health.