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JacoMab Pharmaceuticals

JacoMab Pharmaceuticals is a JV company mutually created by Jacobio and Beijing Mabworks Biotech in 2017 for innovative antibodies R&D. JacoMab operates with “Innovation, Collaboration, Globalization” as principles. With the commercial strategies and research platforms provided by Jacobio and experienced scale-up of antibodies production by Mabworks, JacoMab is building an “Inventive factory” producing more new drugs with the use of antibodies.


Jacobio-Gamma Pharmaceuticals

Jacobio-Gamma Pharmaceuticals is a new drug R&D company targeting antibiotic resistance for potential license out.  The company is invested and developed by Jacobio and Bioengine (Taiwan).  Projects arising therefrom are developed with the lead of Dr. Teli Chen (entrepreneur, clinician) and Jacobio R&D team, generating antibiotics pipeline, and use the research system and clinical resources from Jacobio and the experience on antibiotics development from Dr. Chen to exploit internationally out-licensing new antibiotic drugs.