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  Jacobio provides several collaboration models with international enterprises. Specifically, License-in, Co-development and Joint Venture (JV) are the major collaborations employed. In addition, Jacobio also offers funds for equity investments for startups and JVs. For those companies, Jacobio helps their development through “Platform + Fund”, which not only provides technological and capital support, but also accelerates research procedure and minimizes the costs, and therefore increasing the overall performance. Jacobio has set an office at Boston in the US, with the intension of searching for more desired international projects to which “Platform+Fund” could be applied.

  More about Jacobio’s platform: Jacobio has about 4000 m2 of research area. About $10 million has been invested into research equipment and facilities and more than 100 of researchers have been employed of which more than 50 % are master or higher degree holders and 12 of them are Ph.D level (Data were collected at March, 2018).

  Management System: Jacobio uses matrix management with improved resource sharing, coordination and efficiency.