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Discussed personally
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Boston USA- -
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Clinical Department
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Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
3-5 years
Education background:
Regular college
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2019/07/24 13:24
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  1、Develop a monitoring plan for drug clinical trials, ensure that the test complies with the requirements of GCP and research protocol, supervision of the research center;

  2、Establish close relationship with researchers and coordinate with research centers;

  3、Report and resolve any issues that arise during clinical trials;

  4、Report and assist to deal with all kinds of adverse events in clinical trials timely ;

  5、Management of experimental drugs, articles, samples, materials, etc ;

  6、Participate in the feasibility study of various clinical trial centers, and conduct center screening and selection;

  7、Participate in the organization of clinical trial protocol discussion, researcher training and summary meetings;

  8、Assist supervisor to complete project management of clinical trial.

  Position Requirements

  1、Bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine or pharmacy;

  2、At least 3 years clinical research experience in pharmaceutical company or CRO company;

  3、International multi-center clinical research supervision experience is preferred;

  4、Comprehensive knowledge of clinical trial management standards;

  5、Familiar with the basic process of new drug development and the requirement of new drug application;

  6、Excellent oral and written communication skills both in Chinese and English.